FAUX Real: On the Trail of an Art Forger Part 9

picture: LSU University Art Museum

The forger – Mark Augustus Landis
Also known Aliases:
2009 – Steven Gardiner
2010 – Father Arthur Scott
2011 – Father James Brantley
2012 – Mark Lanois
2013 – Martin Lynley

Well The New Yorker piece came out in August and thought it was well done. Film crew from New York was here for the last time last week and should be wrapping things up on Landis and the now narrative feature in 2014.

I decided today to revisit and again share my findings as an update. Believe it or not, after I sent an email to two museum lists, I got a response. As some wish to remain anonymous if they have something from Landis, I respect that. So I can tell you that today I found another attempt by Landis that was from February 2007 to an institution in California requesting information on his genealogy along with a print-out he wished to donate, which the names, with no wonder, did not exist. His return address was from a town here in Ohio. The director to whom the letter was mailed from Landis returned his documents and told him that they did not know of his genealogy and could not accept his donation of a print-out of his genealogy as it was not in their collections plan. Good for them! Or they may have been approached by Landis today under another name. This institution did not know about Landis in 2007, but they know about him now and I know they have been informing their co-horts!

I say all of this to bring back to you the name of the now known art forger, although having been deemed not doing anything illegal, is still out there. Whether he is still active after all the media attention or is just laying low until he believes he can begin again, I do not know. But as I did with the two museum lists, I will once again share his true name and alias with the fifth alias being rather recent. And I ask those that have been following or the new people in the field to look at your records and ask questions and spread the word. This will not only inform others of Landis but also make people think twice before accepting a work or making a purchase as I discovered something not quite right on August 7, 2008.

Talk soon!

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