Think again

The trouble with everyone of us is that we don’t think enough. We don’t get paid for working with our feet — we get paid for working with our heads. – Thomas J. Watson

It is said that this was the sentence Watson, former chairman of IBM, used during an uninspiring sales meeting in 1911. However, it is a very true sentence, especially today and even in the museum business. So many times you read “you have to think outside the box”. While that’s certainly true, thinking outside the box requires first of all two things: you need a BOX and you need to THINK. Let’s say the box of the registrar is his / her museum or his / her collection. But what about thinking? How often do we fall into the same old routines? How often do we do things just because “you do it that way?”  How often do we actually THINK about what we do?

This is the place for thoughts. Unlike the stories section of this blog the “Think again” section may include content that isn’t limited to registrar’s or museum’s work. It contains articles and bits we get submitted or find ourselves that we feel are worth a read and THINK about it. This doesn’t neccessarily mean that the thoughts of the author reflect our own thinking. But it means that we found it worth to THINK about it. Always keep in mind what the French painter and author Francis Picabia once wrote: Our head is round so thoughts can change direction.

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