FAUX Real: Art and Craft – The Film

Hello fellow Trekkers!

The discerning eye - Matt Leininger uncovering Landis

The discerning eye – Matt Leininger uncovering Landis in the new film.

Been a while but I have not forgotten you and hope that 2014 has been a blessed year in your work and personal lives, and I mean that with much sincerity! All is quiet on the Landis front but not for long. Next month, the film that has been in production for more than three years comes from Emmy award winning director Jennifer Grausman and Oscar nominated director Sam Cullman, Art and Craft. Art and Craft will makes its world premier at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City in Chelsea on April 17th. My wife and I will be in NYC for the screening and hopefully I will be able to continue my trek on educating the public not only on Landis but having that discerning eye and taking the time to be diligent in work making sure that no one is duped!

I say this to not only tell you that your position as registrar is important, but it may be one of the best decisions you have made. Why was it I that discovered and uncovered Landis to begin with when there are all of you out there that this task could been placed. I don’t know. What I do know is I did my job, did it well and now have the privilege of keeping my colleagues up to date and stay in communication as I am able with my schedule. I know you are all very busy but check out the links from this recent post and stay healthy, strong, happy and the rest will come in time.

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This text is also available in French translated by Kelsey Brow


6 thoughts on “FAUX Real: Art and Craft – The Film”

  1. To follow up on my post earlier, I was a poetic savant. I even submitted a few poems, to my luck to have 2 of them presented within this poetry book. But I surely know that I’m not good enough to earn a consistent stipend for them. What Landis should have done was work in a museum when younger and made friends with the staff or important patrons.


    How the weight on these bars scars my arms deep,
    It seeps to my subconscious, wincing with unbearable pains,
    Stains my pores, the blood & tears will then weep,
    All the agony lugging those rusted plates up high,
    I can’t deny for my fate is sealed deep upon every warped number,
    My slumber disturbed by ambiguous passes,
    my glasses often tinted dark to ward off the lifeless stares,
    My temper flares, blares cold as steel,
    Hard to reveal the soul behind the shield,
    I won’t yield the power behind the smite,
    For they lack the insight to deal with my nature.

  2. Landis is a person deep in denial about how society views him. To be an odd bird is something society holds in great disdain. I personally have tested this theory by submitting car alterations and designs to some major companies to of course receive nothing in return. Landis may have, when younger done the same with his own art, only to be denied recognition. What he fails to realize is that the world is a complex and cruel place, and it takes both luck, connections and great perseverance to succeed. To submit ‘designs’ that are not of your own doing but mere copies is to be in denial of oneself. I was able to come to the truth that I am not well liked … perhaps with help he can too. It would be the only way he will stop.

  3. Matt,

    Great article about the film, your life and tracking the forger for all that time. Would you have any problem with posting this on the PACCIN list? Good story to share.

    Best Regards,

    Brent Powell

  4. Thank you Kathy. It has been an interesting trek to say the least. The same could happen to you! Matt

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