Registrar Trek goes Helsinki!


I’m all excited. Last week I got the call that I will do a session at the European Registrar Conference 2014 in Helsinki! See the programme here:

The session will be called:
The Next Generation: Registrar Blogs and Virtual Networks

I’m happy that Registrar Trek author Derek Swallow will join me and I hope to meet some other Registrar Trekkers and guest authors there.

Well, I won’t tell you what I will say in the presentation. No need to spoil the fun. But I can show you what my session proposal looked like:

A voice for Registrars and Collection Specialists around the world
The project „Registrar Trek: The Next Generation“

The focus of this session is to introduce the project „Registrar Trek: The Next Generation“.

For professional exchange and development the registrar or collection manager depends
on colleagues outside her/his own institution, often outside her/his own country. It takes
years to built a personal professional network. Job-starters, multitasking professionals in
small institutions and colleagues in countries where the professions in collection
management are still in the state of development are often left to their own devices. The
major obstacles are language barriers and finding colleagues for thought exchange.

Out of this observation the project Registrar Trek was born. Core of the project are texts
written by collection professionals or people closely related to this field. The spectrum
ranges from serious thoughts on difficult registration issues to lighthearted observations
out of everyday collections work. Starting as a small platform for articles about registration
and collections management in January 2013 in three languages (English, Spanish,
German) it grew to a source of information and exchange with 32 translators from 19
countries providing 16 different languages.

In the outcome, it serves two major purposes: to create a virtual place where collection
specialists from all over the world can feel at home and understood and as an embassy
for collections work in the virtual world. To say it in the words of one of our readers:

„I learn something from each of the articles, even if it’s just that things could be worse.“

See you in Helsinki!


5 thoughts on “Registrar Trek goes Helsinki!”

  1. I agree with Janice Klein: Many congratulations. Your work on behalf on international registrars deserves this kind of recognition. Now we just have to get you to Canada for a meeting.

  2. Many congratulations. Your work on behalf on international registrars deserves this kind of recognition. Now we just have to get you to the US for an AAM meeting.

    1. Janice, Kathy, no problem as long as you find an appropriate crate for shipping and punch enough air holes into it 😉

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