FAUX Real: On the Trail of an Art Forger Part 10

picture: LSU University Art Museum

The forger – Mark Augustus Landis
Also known Aliases:
2009 – Steven Gardiner
2010 – Father Arthur Scott
2011 – Father James Brantley
2012 – Mark Lanois
2013 – Martin Lynley

This Friday, I have the opportunity to continue to educate the public on Landis, this time… maybe future Registrars, a group of students.

I will be at the Taft Museum here in Cincinnati at 1pm, EST not only talking about paintings and the like as a curator would, but my experience as a Registrar leading up to my findings on Landis. I say this to you so that if you remain a Registrar or choose another field, do not let go of those experiences you have had to help educate those in the field or outside the field. Each of us, in whatever country or state that chose the field of Registration, have a responsibility to be the sole caretakers of objects, personal effects, and beloved treasures that have been acquired over the years even if we or the records cannot account… we ARE the heartbeat of any institution.

Remember that crew, you are the heartbeat. Do not take yourself for granted or anyone else. You are who you are and your talents and gifts will take you to places you have never dreamed of. Keep up the pace, the endurance, and due diligence that makes a great Registrar great. Life will open doors, and of course close them, but staying true and having a great network such as this, you will remain strong. Straying away from them will close doors.

That is all for now. Again any findings on the names listed below or any suspect you may have in any acquisitions, please contact me. My contact information on Registrar Trek is complete and accurate. I look forward to any response or questions regarding myself or the Landis case, and until the ‘mean’ time…. Stay strong and know that you are a part of a unique group of people and I am grateful to Angela Kipp and the crew with Registrar Trek..

The forger-Mark Augustus Landis

Steven Gardiner
Father Arthur Scott
Father James Brantley
Marc Lanois
Martin Lynley

Talk soon!

This text is also available in French translated by Kelsey Brow.

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