FAUX Real – Happy New Year Trekkers

Matthew C. Leininger

Matthew C. Leininger

My fellow Trekkers, it has been a while and I wanted to take the time to wish you all a Happy New Year and wish all the best for 2017!

I received Angela’s inspiring email regarding our fourth year and found it only right as a co-founder to jump back in. I will still title my blog entries FAUX Real as I always have. As you know I have been out of the museum realm for quite some time now and sometimes wonder what new issues, policies or protocols have changed insofar as Registrar role in the last five years. If I were to go back into the profession, would I be able to pick up where I left off after being let go by the Cincinnati Art Museum in 2011? Or would I be a greenhorn in registration practices and have to learn all over again?

I truly have to say that I have strong feelings and a love for the art and museum world. I however will contribute in some manner my abilities and experience to the arts but still to this day have no desire to work in the art field. No grudges no hard feelings still after all this time. It is hard to fathom working in another nine to five job in any profession. I have been with Amazon Fulfillment now for four years and continue to move up and grow with the company. Still looking back on my days as a young and aspiring Registrar thinking it was my life time career, man days and times change and you need to be ready. One needs to own their situation and press on hard. I personally thank those in the trenches in the museum realm. Not the directors, trustees nor donors. The registrars, preparators, curators, secrurity etc., make the museums thrive and stay in it for the public trust.

My wish for you all this year is to stay the course, own your situation and stay true to yourself and your beliefs whether you agree or not. Agree to disagree and then have backbone and commit yourself. Only then will you continue to grow and excel. May 2017 bring success and improvements on failure.

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3 thoughts on “FAUX Real – Happy New Year Trekkers”

  1. Would you be kind enough to contact me. I am not a troll, and could use your help determining if or when Landis visited here.

  2. I recently watched the documentary Art and Craft which led me here. I read Mr. Leiniger’s posts and to be frank, I found him to come off as rather full of himself as he was in the documentary. In his posts he repeatedly refers to himself in first person and seems to portray himself as a man who cured cancer instead of finding a forger.
    He talks about his life as a Registrar as if he was the most important person at the museum yet now years later he drops out to work in an Amazon warehouse? He wants us to see him as a big star in the Museum world yet he is very unwelcome back in the world. He claims he doesn’t want to get back into the Art World but clearly he is saying that to protect his own ego. If Mr. LEiniger did this amazing feat as a registrar by discovering Landis, why hasn’t he had numerous job offers, or even one job offer as a registrar? Why was he shut out of the Art world when he brags about himself being one of the best registrars in the world since others never caught Landis before him? Could it be that Mr. leiniger’s own words in blogs and in interviews made him equally unlked in his field as well as people who read his blog and watched him in the doc? Humility, compassion and self grandiosity are clearly three traits Mr. leiniger doesn’t possess. Perhaps if he did people would want him to work in their museums. I wouldn’t donate a painting I owned to a museum if I had to interact with LEiniger and I believe that is why he isn’t working in his field. Cultivating relationships with collectors to benefit the museum is vital in his field yet I haven’t found one friend I have asked who would want to deal with him ever. We will gladly find another museum to donate to just so we wouldn’t have to listen to LEiniger brag about himself one more time. I have had the misfortune of hearing him speak a few times and would like that time spent with him, back. Concenus says I’m not the only person who feels this strongly.

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