The terrible moment when…


…you discover the reason why one hook in your tool box is missing: because it’s still in the exhibition. Sitting happily between the artifacts. Behind acrylic glass screwed tightly.


2 thoughts on “The terrible moment when…”

  1. Ouch !!!! Quelque chose dans ce style m’est arrivé…Je me suis servi d’un aimant pour le récupérer… Dans ton cas, il est peut-être possible de le faire tomber dans un endroit plus “discret”…

    Ouch!!! Something like that happened to me, too… I could solve the problem with a magnet… Maybe in your case you can use one to move it to a more inconspicuous place…

    1. Thanks Eosclio. Fortunately, we were able to open the small glass front on the side of the rack and fetch it with the grip tongs. A magnet would have been another good idea!

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