A shout out to our colleagues in Poland!

Polish flag via pixaby.com

We are delighted to learn that in April this year the Polskie Stowarzyszenie Inwentaryzatorów Muzealnych, Polish Museum Registrars Association, was founded. They have a blog (http://inwentaryzatorzy.blogspot.de/) and already translated two of our articles into Polish:
CIDOC 2016 – W dokumentacji kluczowi są ludzie (“CIDOC 2016 – Documentation is about people” by Angela Kipp) – translated by Marcin Mondzelewski
Rola inwentaryzatora muzealnego w procesie wypożyczania zbiorów (“The Museum Registrar as Loans……” by Derek R. Swallow) – translated by Natalia Ładyka

We wish our Polish colleagues best of luck with their work!

This post is also available in Italian translated by Marzia Loddo.


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