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Dutch English

Jiska Verbouw


Kelsey Brow
Marine Martineau
Sarah Rosu
Aurore Tisserand
Sylviane Vaucheret


Brigitte Herrbach-Schmidt

Lina Lassak, museologist B.A. and library and information scientist M.A.

Since November 2017 she works as a project manager for financial controlling or in short as a project controller in the Deutsches Historisches Museum in her first employment.
She learned the museum work in the various internships in the bachelor studies in museology at the HTW University of Applied Sciences Berlin from 2012 to 2015. The internships were completed in the depots, where she learned to love the inventory and the revision work. Not only did she write her bachelor’s thesis about the revision work, she also wrote a handbook which appeared open access. From 2015 to 2017 she studied the master’s degree course library and information science at the Humboldt-University in Berlin. In her thesis „An attempt to represent characters in a data base using the example of the childrens and youth book series “Die drei ???”” she could indulge her passions for inventorying and reading the” Die drei??? ” cases.

Cindy Opitz


Dimitra Christidou

Georgia Flouda
georgiaSince 2008 a Curator at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum (Greek General Secretariat of Culture), Georgia Flouda is responsible for the registration of the permanent collections, as well as for the documentation and organization of the ongoing Redisplay Project. Prior to this appointment she has conducted numerous excavations on the Greek mainland (Argolid, Cyclades, Thebes, Achaea) and has supervised development projects of various Mycenaean sites in Peloponnese/Achaea. She has obtained a PhD (2006) and a Master’s Degree (1999) focusing on Mycenaean administration from the University of Athens and she specializes in the art and archaeology of the Bronze Age Aegean with a special focus on the Aegean scripts. Her interests center upon the cognitive aspects of the Aegean writing systems (Cretan Hieroglyphic, Linear A and Linear B), theoretical approaches to funerary practice, museum exhibits design and anything that promotes culture through digital media and modern approaches. Recently affiliated with Princeton University, where she held a Stanley J. Seeger Visiting Research Scholarship in Hellenic Studies, she is working on the publication of the material from the Middle Minoan Apesokari settlement and Tholos Tomb A in south-central Crete and on the politics involved in the excavation of this site during World War II.
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Davide Bordenca
ImmagineHe was first introduced to museums when as a child he visited historical sites with his parents in Sicily, where he was born.
He studied Physics at university and took exams in Scientific Museology and History of Physics and Epistemology.
Then he pursued his education by studying and reading books and articles about museums and museology.
He works as a project manager, but he has a dream: he wants to work in a museum!
Currently he volunteers at Museo Diocesano of Milan.
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Silvia Telmon
Marzia Loddo


Liliana Rêgo
Patricia de Sousa Melo
Carolina Vaz de Carvalho


Arina Miteva
She is a PR & communications manager, with experience in both governmental and business museum sphere in Russia.
At the moment she’s working as an intern in international packaging agency in Bulgaria and participating in volunteer initiatives for Bulgarian museums.
Helena Tomashevskaya

Spanish/English, Portuguese/Spanish, Portuguese/English:

Araceli Galán


Rosana Calderón Martin del Campo

Molly S. Hope

Susana Macarron

Salvador Martinez
salvadorTranslator specialized in arts and editorial projects, he combines his translation activity with the Spanish and French teaching. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Hispanic Philology: Language Sciences and Literature Studies, University of Murcia, Spain (2001) and a Master’s Degree in Editorial Translation (2013). He participated in the European Biennial of Contemporary Art Manifiesta 8 translating and editing English-Spanish and French-Spanish subtitling in audiovisual works and artists´ texts. In addition he has recently translated into Spanish several literary works (Herbert West: Reanimator by H.P. Lovecraft, Paris, Mon Pote by Robert Giraud, etc.).
Now he works as a freelance translator and he is developing a new editorial project.
Visit Salvador at FlyingTranslations:
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Maria C. O’Malley

Laura García Oliva

Lucía Villarreal

Zulu and Ndebele/English, Shona/English, Shangaan/English

Phineas Chauke

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