Waste Separation: What to do with old emails?

Oh, fear not, you who struggle with a crammed inbox. Just today a colleague sent me the ultimate answer to the question: “How to properly dispose of those spam mails, outdated telephone lists and irrelevant listserv postings?”



(In fact this crate was used to store a collection of enamel (German: “Email”) signs in the past who now have a new and better storage.)


2 thoughts on “Waste Separation: What to do with old emails?”

  1. Ah, I see. Put unwanted emails into properly labeled old unwanted crates and, and . . . I could use the crate as a planting container in my garden! Old emails don’t take up much room, might help with drainage.

    1. See how easy it is?
      To think that I passed this crate for over a month without discovering what a gem it is. Our chemist got the idea the very moment he saw it….

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