Registrar Trek goes Washington D.C.

Fall is the season for conferences and this year I will be at Gallery System’s Collective Imagination in Washington D.C. from November 13 to 17. I am excited to meet a lot of registrars, collections managers, and other people involved in museum documentation there. Of course, I will speak about managing previously unmanaged collections, this time about how to tackle them if you are using TMS. If you attend as well, drop by and say “hi”. If you don’t attend but are in the area and like to meet for a coffee, drop me a line. I can’t promise it will work out, but I will be around on the weekends before and after the conference to get to know the city, so it might.

See you there!


View on the Capitol and the city of Washington by day from a heightened position.
The Capitol and the city of Washington, image by 12019 via pixabay.

2 thoughts on “Registrar Trek goes Washington D.C.”

  1. Hi Angela!

    I work in DC at the National Archives. I’d love to meet you after following your work & reading your book & blog. Want to meet up for a quick tour and a coffee? I’m usually at work by 7:45 if meeting early is ok with you. Say around 8am? Before the archives open at 9am. If not, we’ll try to figure something out!

    1. Sounds good. I am usually an early riser (no idea if I still am if I am jet lagged, but, hey, I’ll find out), so that sounds absolutely doable. Drop me a line at angela.kipp (at) so we can chat about the details.

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