Ooops- Managing Previously Unmanaged Collections is already out!

Yesterday, I was taken by surprise when our library sent me a mail that they had just received their copy of “Managing Previously Unmanaged Collections” and were about to catalog it. Two hours later I received an email from my dear colleague Susanne Nickel with congratulations as she received her copy. Throughout the whole day, while I was desperately waiting for an important transport to arrive at our museum, the mails from contributors saying “just received my copy” hit my inbox. It seemed like literally EVERYBODY had my book in hand before me.

When I finally came home my heart missed a beat when I saw a parcel sitting in my backyard – soaking wet in the pouring rain. But fortunately, when I opened it, all was well:

P1020449 (2)

The best news is: My publisher, Rowman & Littelfield has provided a special perk for you, our faithful readers: you can get 30% off the list price if you order it directly from them, see this flyer for details (unfortunately, this is only valid for U.S. orders):

Managing Previously Unmanaged Collections Flyer

Now, with one day delay I finally managed to inform you all. Thank you so much for the support and I’m about to produce a more thoughtful celebration post. 🙂


This post is also available in Italian, translated by Marzia Loddo and in Russian translated by Helena Tomashevskaya.


12 thoughts on “Ooops- Managing Previously Unmanaged Collections is already out!”

  1. Congratulations, Angela! It’s a great book, you did a wonderful job!
    I’m sure it isn’t going to be your only book— Best wishes from Judith Vance (Darlene’s friend)

  2. Thank you for all your efforts bringing this to those of us in need, Angela! I have a feeling a great many of us need help rescuing our collections from poor collections management of the past. Thanks for the lifeline!

  3. congratulations! I wish the discount applied to none American orders but is worth the full price.

    1. Oh, so sorry, hadn’t realized that detail!
      Hope you are satisfied with the book, anyway.

  4. I really like this website and thank you so much for all the time you put into doing this for the rest of us out here.

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