Happy 2nd Birthday, Registrar Trek!

Good news: we are entering the third year of Registrar Trek!

2nd_birthdaySo, after we looked back on a tremendous year 2014 recently, what does 2015 have in store?

It’s always hard to tell if you don’t have a crystal ball to look into. Well, and if we had one in our collection as registrars, would we allow someone to use it? And do crystal balls work if you wear white gloves or nitril gloves? Questions upon questions…

What we can promise is that in 2015 we will keep you entertained with articles and stories from the field. Sadly, Derek retired, so, unfortunately, his next article will be also his last one. But it’s a blast, so stay tuned for the story of Lennon’s Rolls Royce!

During the holidays my hubby and I dived into the world of microcontrollers and yes, there might be some registrar’s prototyping ahead. Or an accidentally destroyed arduino. Or both. Let us just experiment a little bit more…

2015 will see the second ARCS conference, this time in New Orleans so I’m sure we will have a report. We will continue to support good museum documentation and we hope that many of you use the hashtag #MuseumDocumentation on Twitter. And I know that wherever you work and wherever you are there are wonderful, untold registrar’s stories we all want to hear, so send them via story@museumsprojekte.de.

Thanks for reading, stay with us and keep us posted!



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