Final preparations for Helsinki

Registrar Cat checks if documents are complete for the trip.

Registrar Cat checks if documents are complete for the trip.

Things are busy right now, so you might realize we are not as quick with adding new material the next few weeks. There are various reasons, including that there was a major server issue with deleted webspace that forced me to backup to a previous version (some might have realized we were offline a few days) and that I’m preparing the site to be fully functional in French, too, which means some additional effort. Oh, yeah, and there is my little side job as the collection manager of the TECHNOSEUM, along with garden, man and cats. But especially, I’m busy preparing my presentation and trip to Helsinki.

I’m all excited to speak at the European Registrars Conference about Registrar Trek (see full programme here: and hope my colleagues will like it. As far as I can see, I’m the only registrar from a Science and Technology Museum attending, so I somehow feel like a representative for an entire museum field and hope I don’t mess this up. I’m looking forward to meet many colleagues there who I only know via email, twitter or linkedin so far and I’m especially glad that Registrar Trek contributors Tracey Berg-Fulton and Derek Swallow will be there.

I guess there will be much to write about when I’m coming back and I hope to inspire some colleagues to contribute their stories and articles with my presentation.

See you after ERC 2014!


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