Angela Kipp, Diplom-Museologin (FH) (diploma in museum studies), since 1998 working in the museum field.

Career steps included the Landesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit Mannheim, Museum für Kommunikation Berlin and Deutsches Museum München as well as smaller museums and cultural projects. Was working as visitor guide, data base consultant, researcher, copyeditor, web designer, curator and project manager. Since 2004 collection manager at the TECHNOSEUM, Landesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit in Mannheim / Germany.
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Matthew C. LeiningerMatthew C. Leininger has obtained a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Fine Arts focusing on Studio Printmaking from the Wright State University and the Ohio University.

He has worked at three institutions since 1997 moving his family from Ohio to Oklahoma and back to Ohio in 2009. He is a former member of the American Alliance of Museums and was selected to be a Peer Reviewer to help and assist in helping with the accreditation of institutions with the AAM as well a Treasurer elect for the Registrars Committee. He was an ex-officio staff member of three board committees at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and was made a Senior Staff member after three months of being hired at the Cincinnati Art Museum. He has been interviewed by a Local 12 news station in Cincinnati regarding his investigation on Mark Landis, has been interviewed and published regarding this case in The Art Newspaper, New York Times, Financial Times, Maxim as well as many newspapers, online blogs, and other social media outlets. An Emmy and Oscar Award nominated film crew from New York City has been to his residence and to institutions that have had dealings with Landis to begin filming a documentary and this crew has also interviewed and filmed Landis making his forgeries. He has followed this case of Mark Landis since August 7, 2008 and continues to the present. Mr. Leininger has been asked to lecture, present and submit articles on this case from well known not for profit institutions and conferences. He currently lives in Cincinnati and is using his experience as a registrar to further his education, and to use his experience to inform others of his process, findings and results to hopefully halt this type of scheme in the future.


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Matt on Twitter: @artsleuth2008

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3828 Church Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45211
C- 937/214-6653

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derek1Derek R Swallow, BA in Anthropology/History, Diploma in Education and TESL, BA and MA is History in Art (Canadian First Nations studies), Collections Management Internship Program, Cultural Resource Management studies.
Career: My career, to date has spanned, nearly every aspect of museum work from: preparator; exhibits tech; curator; collections manager; researcher; guide; preservation specialist; project manager; and finally registrar.There were some career interruptions since 1972, largely due to university studies and some unrelated work. To date, I have over 30 combined years of museum experience.

My current position is Registrar of Collections, Royal BC Museum, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Royal BC Museum

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Former authors:

Fernando Almarza Rísquez, BA, MA in History and Theory of Arts, more courses on Museology and Epistemology.

Since 1986 Registrar (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas); since 1993 advisor for registration, documentation and cataloguing of museum and heritage collections. Teacher, lecturer and speaker for different universities in Venezuela. Teacher of networks on registration, documentation and cataloguing of museum and heritage collections at the Instituto Latinoamericano de Museos ILAM, sited in San José, Costa Rica. Editor of the Section “Let’s talk about…” of its website and Project Manager.
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