Nomenclature 17.2 – A Registrar’s Vision

CC0 - by Master Tux via pixabayOkay, I have a vision flashing in front of my eyes as I go through the database cropping photographs and renaming artifacts. Like the toasting fork that had been catalogued as a Pan, Roasting. My vision is of the future of the ungainly, poorly bound green book that tells me what I am and am not allowed to call these objects. Some of these things are difficult for a child of the mid twentieth century to identify. So I am seeing a future digital version of Nomenclature, and if you are willing to fork out the extra bucks, you get a version like Leafsnap where you photograph the item on your portable device and show it to the Nomenclature 17.2 program and it says, aha! And you say eureka! Because the device tells you what to call the item. How cool is that?

Anne T. Lane


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  1. Edmund says:

    It’s closer than you think Anne.. have a look at for a project that has the ambition to automatically identify archaeological pottery

  2. Kara Vetter says:

    I mean they already have reverse image search and like image search on Google, so there’s got to be a way.

  3. Angela Linn says:

    I LOVE this idea and am sure it is not that far in the future. If they can do it for flowers, why not man-made objects?

  4. Diane Waterhouse Barbarisi says:


  5. evelyn says:

    I digital version would be wonderful for searching through! I also agree, for what we paid for the book it is poorly bound.

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