Awesome Picture of the Day: Box Construction

I work with a lot of awesome people. Of course I know that, but every now and then I even get a reminder. While tidying our packing space I found a piece of paper where one of our assistants has carefully constructed a custom box for one of our vacuum tubes. I couldn’t bring myself to just throw it away, I had to share it with all you packing nerds out there:

kiste roehren


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  1. Kathy Karkut says:

    Wonderful idea to share this drawing! No one outside of collections staff really knows how far we will go to prepare supports and packaging to keep our collections safe! I think o fit as one of the perks of the job to create custom supports!

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, like: okay, this is going to be dirty, dusty and you are mainly pushing a rock uphill. But: you can build as many custom boxes as you like. Deal?

  2. Anne Lane says:

    Very nice. Much tidier than my scrawly diagrams. What kinds of materials / adhesives / padding do y’all use for this kind of container?

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