Une récolte de régisseur

Labels: Rhubarb-Vanilla 2016.1, Rhubarb-Orange 2016.1, Rhubarb-Orange 2016.1 and Cucumber 2016.1

Légendes : Rhubarbe-Vanille 2016.1, Rhubarbe-Orange 2016.1, Rhubarbe-Orange 2016.2 et Concombre 2016.1

Traduction en français par Aurore Tisserand.

This post is also available in Italian translated by Marzia Loddo.


This post is also available in: Anglais Allemand


  1. Ruth dit :

    Will the recipe and tasting notes go in the history file and what about re ordinary the dates they were eaten, or is that going too far

  2. Brent Powell dit :

    I am so glad that people still use rhubarb. Nice labels as only one would expect!

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